The Ultimate Roma Fan
The Ultimate Roma Fan

Blake Koch Challenged me to the 10 Week Challenge from Celsius on the air May 1st. Do you think I am ready to go? …

Celsius' 10 Week Challenge
Celsius’ 10 Week Challenge

I also had the pleasure of doing the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS, if you want to call it pleasure!?!?

Here is the link to the video… Ice Bucket Challenge

Ej is the Host of 2 Radio shows currently, and is known far and wide for his knowledge of Italian Football, or soccer as some may refer to it as. He is one of the featured writers for Beckett’s World Cup Guide 2014 in which he covered 10 of the 32 team profiles for the magazine.

As of 2010, Ej started using ‘The Rainmaker’ as his Identifier when he started recording Video and Audio segments involving his handicapping skills and expertise and it has stuck with him ever since.

He is the co-host of Sports Palooza Radio with Lisa Iannucci every Thursday at 1PM Eastern Time, where they both interview a sports figure, celebrity athlete, author, actor or anyone who is well known in their field and they discuss their life away from their career to discuss their involvement in charities, organizations and funds that give back to their communities, or even the world. Most of which who come on the show give something to our listeners signed or personalized.

No one is prouder to bring on guests who share their love for what they support, most of which do it for nothing but to make the world a better, safer or cleaner place for all of us.

Ej is extremely well known for his handicapping and picking of sports contests involving said Italian Football, and also includes the NHL, MLB, NFL and both NCAA Hoops and Football, and always seems to give our listeners a taste of what he likes on the air.

He is a featured handicapper at a handful of sites and can be found on the web to sharing knowledge with people and can be found at….

Rainmaker Sports (Where he highlights his Italian Football Expertise)

Twitter @Ejtherainmaker

Rainmaker Newspaper


Sports Palooza