The incredible list of incredible guests who have appeared on the flagship Sports Palooza Radio show in 2015!

Kenny White ~ Chief Gaming Officer of HotRoster, a new app offering the best in fantasy sports gaming, and Chief Operating Officer at Don Best Sports, the premier site for sports betting, will tell us what Vegas is thinking in regards to all the big games in the NFL and college football!
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Mark Clayton ~ Livv Headphones ( are the brainchild of former NFL Wide Receiver Mark Clayton with the idea that everyone should be able to “Live Free–free from wires, free from restrictions, free from limitations.”
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Jon Campbell ~ Managing editor of, is known for covering the sports betting scene. He’s interviewed just about every oddsmaker from Nevada to Antigua, but lately he’s focused on the push to legalize sports betting across North America!
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Jon Devore ~ Jon stops by to talk about The Unrideables: Alaska Range. Ride along as DeVore, one of the world’s foremost experts on human flight, sets out with a team of elite athletes to evolve the way we look at the mountains showcased through dramatic POV footage and stunning aerial cinematography.
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George Martin ~ He walked across America! George Martin, former defensive end for the NY Giants talks to us about his Journey for 9/11, his book “Just Around the Bend,” and walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific! You don’t want to miss this interview!
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Ralph Carhart ~ Ralph stops by to tell us where the Hall Ball has gone next. He has made a few appearances on the show, and we host his website at
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Dr. Daniel Rosenberg ~ Dr. Rosenberg is from Barry University and is a professor of sport management specializing in sports ethics and sociology of sport.
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Matteo Bonetti ~ We welcome beIN SPORTS’ Matteo Bonetti, who talks with Ej about what you need to know this week in soccer!
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Vinny Furlani & Tracy Patterson ~ Authors of “Typhoon Technique: Training, Technique & Titles” Listen to a great interview about boxing, training and techniques
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Paige Stover Hague ~ Paige comes on to talk about How Boxing’s Greatest Match was Made! “Rumble” with Hank Schwartz
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Alexandre Choko ~ For more than five years, the author, ex-fighter, gym owner, and boxing promoter traveled the world, tracking down 55 of the most important people in boxing, to create a series called The Future of Boxing
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Bart Oates ~ Former NFL player and New York Giants’ Bart Oates stops by to tell us about life both on and off the field and how he’s dealing with his chronic pain. Click to Listen

Jimmy Maurer ~ Ej talks New York Cosmos’ goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer again, about the upcoming 2015 NASL season Click to Listen

Dr. Tim Chartier ~ Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College. He specializes in data analytics. Working with Davidson College students, he supplies analytics for the men’s basketball team at the college. Click to Listen

John Fitzgerald ~ John created The Baseball United Foundation in 2007 and raises funds and sends equipment to Ireland for kids and adults who play baseball there. To date has sent thousands of pounds worth of equipment over, as well as coordinated professional coaches to conduct baseball clinics for kids in Ireland. His fundraising efforts have contributed to the development of Ireland’s first ballpark and last summer he brought a teen over from Ireland to New York to attend a baseball training summer camp. For more information, visit Click to Listen

Megan Rochester ~ Sports Handicapper of Sportsbook Review and we’ll find out about some of the myths of sports handicapping, get some tips on March Madness and more! Click to Listen

Eddie George & Kent Katich ~ Kent Katich, yoga coach to professional athletes, and former All-Pro NFL Running Back Eddie George, about the secret weapon for any rigorous sports training regimen! Click to Listen

Rick White ~ president of The Atlantic League, the highest level of professional baseball other than Major League Baseball! Atlantic League players are “Major League Ready” professionals, having progressed through baseball’s A, AA and AAA developmental levels. Rick White, president of the Atlantic League, a top independent minor league team. Click to Listen

Kevin Cox ~ “The Brooklyn Cowboy” – Kevin Cox, a superstar in the horse racing handicapping world was once a New York City police officer, but is now retired and spends his time as a handicapper for He joins us to talk racing, betting, and his strategies for winning! Click to Listen

Peter Loshak ~ From Sports Book Review, Peter stops by to talk sports handicapping has been a professional sports betting analyst and media personality for over 10 years. Click to Listen

Barb Schmidt ~ From Zen Sports, Jen helps athletes and coaches manage their stress and become focused, energized, and in control! Click to Listen

Frank Russo ~ Frank is a Nationally known baseball necrologist who has been researching deceased major leaguers for more than 45 years. Author of The Cooperstown Chronicles. Click to Listen

Bruno De Julio ~ Bruno has been a workout analyst and thoroughbred owner for the past 20 years. He is the author of “Bruno on Workouts: Exposing the Mystery.” Racing With Bruno. Click to Listen

Kostya Kennedy ~ Kostya Kennedy is the NYT best-selling author of 56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic Number in Sports, as well as Pete Rose: An American Dilemma. Click to Listen

Dr. Damon Dye ~ Dr. Dye is the author of Know When To Hold ‘Em: A Guide For Spouses Of Problem Gamblers and is a National Certified Gambling Counselor. Click to Listen

Paul Hirschberger ~ After a huge success at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, we discuss “TOUCHDOWN ISRAEL” with documentary filmmaker Paul Hirschberger. The film is filled with Israeli gridiron action and shows how peace among Jews, Christians, Muslims and those with stark differences can simply come together over “love of the game … football.” Click to Listen

Kevin Cox ~ The Brooklyn Cowboy comes on just one week away from the Kentucky Derby. What does the field look like? Has anything changed over the last few weeks? The Brooklyn Cowboy, Kevin Cox (@brooklyncowboy1), comes back to Sports Palooza Radio to tell us what he thinks will happen next weekend!Click to Listen

LeRon Mcclain ~ The NFL draft gets underway, and we have former NFL fullback LeRon McClain who knows exactly what it’s like to sit at the draft waiting for your name to be called. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Click to Listen

Kevin Cox ~ The Brooklyn Cowboy returns because it’s Kentucky Derby time! Kevin gives us his impressions of the positions that were announced yesterday for both the Derby and the Oaks. Click to Listen

Jiggly Boy ~ You may have seen the video of super-fan “Jiggly Boy” at a late-February Minnesota Timberwolves game engaging with basketball star Kevin Garnett and the entire arena, and becoming a full-fledged viral sensation. But John “Jiggly Boy” Sweeney is much more than a meme; he’s helping an international nonprofit organization, Smile Network International, change lives all over the world. John stops by to talk to us about his mission! Click to Listen

Dr. Bert Mandelbaum ~ Dr Bert is an orthopedic surgeon, a finish-line physician, and a medical officer at the World Cup and Olympics. Dr. Bert Mandelbaum has witnessed the trials and triumphs of elite athletes from a vantage point few of us get. And over his 30+ years of experience, he’s identified a common character trait that every elite athlete relies upon for success: it’s what he calls the “victorious spirit.” He stops by to talk about The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit, an inspiring guide designed to help readers play their personal best in the sport of lifeClick to Listen

Bryan Scott ~ Bryan is an amazing businessman who stops by to talk to us today on Sports Palooza Radio about his career and his entrepreneurial spirit. The former Atlanta Falcon, recently took over the Atlanta market of TITLE Boxing Club and has also appeared on Shark Tank for another business venture. Click to Listen

Mike Haynes ~ Mike stops by to talk to us about something serious — prostate cancer. Mike is a survivor and he shares his story with our listeners. Of course we also talk to him about his career too! Click to Listen

Steve Levine ~ Steve, the CEO of AtmosAir Solutions, comes on the show to discuss implementation of indoor air quality systems into pro and college locker and training rooms.Click to Listen

Kevin Cox ~ The Brooklyn Cowboy visits us again to discuss the Belmont Stakes and we’ll find out if he thinks that American Pharoah can pull it off. We’ll also talk to him about other horses and other races too! Click to Listen

Mark Panko ~ Some say it looks funny, but MLB’s Alex Torres swears by his IsoBlox baseball cap. Find out more about this cap on our show today with Mark Panko, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Click to Listen

Lauren Sesselmann ~ Women’s World Cup time, and Ej got a chance to sit down with Lauren for her second appearance on Sports Palooza Radio. Click to Listen

Davin Joseph ~ St. Louis Rams’ Offensive Lineman and 2x Pro Bowler DAVIN JOSEPH stops by to talk with us! He’ll talk a Click to Listen

Chad Chatlos ~ Principal of executive search firm Korn Ferry’s Sports Practice, Chad’s firm places high level sports executives, including commissioners (MLB, PAC-12, SEC), GMs, athletic directors, head coaches and others. He talks to us about sports leadership and how to identify talent and more!Click to Listen

Pam Swensen ~ We talk to CEO Pam Swensen from the Executive Women’s Golf Association, who has been spearheading the organization’s efforts for over 15+ years.Click to Listen

Erik Sherman ~ Author Erik Sherman talks about his book, “Out at Home,” The True Story of Glenn Burke, Baseball’s First Openly Gay Player, written with Glenn Burke. Click to Listen

David James ~ “The Predictor,” David James, an expert on projecting the success or downfall of coaches and players in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, stops by to talk to us. He has a proven track record of bringing excitement, intrigue and even a bit of controversy to the airwaves. In addition to his appearance on Fox National Sports Radio, David has been a guest on ESPN Denver and New Orleans; CBS, Houston and Colorado Springs and NBC Sports Radio, among others. Click to Listen

Katy Bowman ~ Author of “The Whole Body Barefoot” talks to us about athletes and FEET! Click to Listen

Jarin Geisler ~ The Southern Bowl’s North American Director, Jarin Geisler, talks to us about the nationwide tryout tour which is making its New York stop to Fordham University on Saturday,July 25th, to try out for the 2016 Southern Bowl which will be played in New Zealand at Auckland’s Eden Park and Wellington’s Westpac Arena and will be broadcasted around the world. Click to Listen

Boris Diaw ~ Click to Listen

Gwen Moran ~ Click to Listen

Mark Clayton ~ Former NFL player Mark Clayton returns to talk to us about his Livv Headphones Kickstarter. You know that Mark was on our show 7 months ago. What’s happened since then and how can you help Mark to achieve his goals?!Click to Listen

Keith Mitchell ~ We are completely honored to have Keith Mitchell, mind/body expert, medical miracle and former All-Pro linebacker as our guest today on Sports Palooza Radio.
Keith was paralyzed in an NFL football game (he was an All-Pro linebacker with the Saints, Texans and Titans) but has transformed his life through yoga and meditation. He is now kicking off a ground-breaking pilot program with the University of Rochester Medical School to help retired NFL players and military veterans suffering from neurological diseases such as concussion syndrome and PTSD. Click to Listen

Daniel James Brown ~ Daniel comes on the show to discuss his book that’s so hard to put down. Daniel James Brown’s The Boys in the Boat is a number one New York Times bestseller and he is stopping by to talk to us about it today.
It’s an irresistible story about beating the odds and finding hope in the most desperate of times. Click to Listen

Alex Carrington ~ Defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills joins us to talk about the new season! He was drafted by the Bills in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He played college football at Arkansas State. Click to Listen

Kirk Mango ~ Kirk Mango, the original “Lord of the Rings” who wrote a book a few years ago outlining the process of going from being a mediocre gymnast to defeating two Olympic Gold Medalists in the NCAA Championships, stops by to talk to us about his book. He is the author of “Becoming a True Champion” and he’ll get us PUMPED UP! Click to Listen

Mark Rypien ~ MVP of the 1991 Super Bowl for the Washington Redskins and a two-time champion in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, will play in the inaugural Diamond Resorts Invitational benefiting Florida Hospital for Children, a celebrity golf tournament ( at the Golden Bear Golf Club in Windermere, Florida, January 14-16, 2016, airing live on Golf Channel. Click to Listen

Kevin Cristofora ~ Kevin is the author of The Hometown All Stars book series. Book one, Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball, was released in March and book two, Magic Bat Day, was released mid-May. Both books feature baseball, but future books will teach kids about basketball, soccer, football and other sports. Click to Listen

Stephanie Decker ~ Stephanie is the founder of the Stephanie Decker Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps children with prosthetics get involved with sports. In 2012, a deadly category 4 tornado ravaged Stephanie’s hometown of Henryville, Indiana. Stephanie shielded two of her children from the debris of their house being destroyed around them, however she soon found her legs crushed, and both had to be amputated. Through strength and will, she survived and continues to grow her organization as an engine to help children, men and women learn how to live with a prosthetic limb.Click to Listen

Jerry West ~ Jerry West stops by to talk to us about a topic that’s very important to him! And Ej gets to ask him a question that nobody else has asked him! Click to Listen

Bruno Dejulio ~ Joining us in the studio is Bruno deJulio, who has been on our show before and brings his incredible knowledge of horse racing to our show. He’ll talk about the upcoming Breeders’ Cup, taking place Halloween weekend. Click to Listen

Alan Brown ~ This weekend is the New York City marathon and Alan Brown is the Team Reeve participant who is a quadriplegic, training for the NYC marathon with a hand cycle and hopes to raise $260,000 for research. He’ll tell us his story! What another inspiration! Click to Listen

Dr. Patrick Kerr ~ New York’s Dr. Patrick Kerr spent more than a decade developing a protective device that is put into standard issued shoulder pads and turns them into a system that engages the helmet as a football player braces for impact. He has invented The KERR Collar, which reduces head and neck movement 38% during a collision and absorbs 58% of the collision impact, redistributing the force of the hit away from the head and neck area to reduce injury risk. Click to Listen

Gene Snitsky.~ The WWE’s Gene Snitsky. You can now call him “Turkey Dude.” He’s promoting a new pressure cooker Power Pressure Cooker XL and today he’s not only giving our listeners a 50% off coupon code, but he’s also giving one away! Just in time for the holidays! Click to Listen

Femi Ogunjinmi ~ Femi is a relationship expert, a radio talk show host, and author of the book Revelations of Relationship. Are you and your loved one at odds over sports? Does he like them and you don’t? Or do you love your Sunday football, but he can’t stand it? Femi is known for his plain-spoken and unusual ideas on what it takes to be in a satisfying relationship, so today we’re putting him to the test with questions about sports and relationships. Click to Listen

Olden Polynice ~ Former NBA player Olden Polynice, was born with a disability that caused his feet to turn inwards and was diagnosed to never walk, beat the odds and was able to live up to his name’s moniker (victory) and play in the NBA for 15 years, 17 internationally. Polynice served as the ambassador for the National Disability Employment Awareness Month and he stops by to talk to us about his career and his work as an advocate! Click to Listen

Marco Correia ~ Marci is the founder of Fanpics, and he will stop by to talk about Fanpics, a new sports technology that is changing how sports fans create and share content. Click to Listen

Jason McCourty ~ Jason and his brother Devin are the only twins currently in the NFL, shares his family’s holiday traditions with his mom! The McCourty family ties are strong. Devin and Jason McCourty were born 27 minutes apart in 1987. Their father died from a massive heart attack when they were three years old. As youngsters they promised each other they would get scholarships to college to ease their mother’s burden. They did! Playing football together at Rutgers University. The twins and their mom say football is not only their way of life, it’s part of their family too. Jason and his mom Phyllis share some of their family and game day traditions with Ej in an effort to show how they helped to create their strong family ties. Click to Listen

Taylor Hicks ~ Lisa had a chance to talk to American Idol winner Taylor Hicks about his love of sports! Taylor has a new album coming out in 2016 and while she talked to him for other articles, he was excited to talk about his other love too! Click to Listen

Megan Bartlett ~ Megan has spent most of her career working in, designing, and advocating for programs that use sports to promote youth health and academic achievement, and decrease youth violence. As Director of the Up2Us Sports Center, Megan is responsible for providing training, research and evaluation tools and services to sports-based youth development organizations. She created the training program and oversees the evaluation of Up2Us Sports’ Coach Across America program, the nation’s first sports-based national service program. Click to Listen

Coach Mike Krzyzewski and Colonel Ron ~ Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski, head coach of the five-time NCAA Championship team at Duke University talked to Ej about osteoarthritis. Most of us know someone who is dealing with a common form of arthritis known as “osteoarthritis” (OA) and “Coach K,” headcoach of the 5-time NCAA Championship team at Duke University, is no exception. Workers in certain professions are particularly susceptible to OA, especially in the knees. Coach K will discuss his battle with OA and a campaign called “Hardest Working Knees” that honors people in the workforce who have not only succeeded but also “given back” to their communities. He’ll be joined by Colonel Ron who will also share his personal story and motivate others affected by OA. Click to Listen