Listen to the kind words our guests have had to say about our their appearance on the Sports Palooza Radio Show.

“I had a blast talking about John L. Sullivan and the days of bareknuckle boxing with Lisa and Ej during my segment on the Sports Palooza Radio Show. As the author of a boxing book, it’s always enjoyable to speak with hosts who are not only knowledgable, but extremely passionate, about sports history.”
Christopher Klein, author of Strong Boy: The Life and Times of John L. Sullivan

“It was an awesome experience working with Lisa Iannucci on SportsPalooza. So happy to have her as one of my stellar contacts. Great show, great concept!”
Lori De Waal. De Waal & Associates

Really, really enjoyed being a guest on Sports Palooza Radio a few months ago, talking fitness Fit As a Pro, and movies for our indie horror Dark Awakening. Lisa and EJ are phenomenal. I really enjoyed the great communication you have with your guests before the interview, so you know what would be the best questions to ask, and the proper research on the subject at hand. I felt like talking stories with old friends when did the interview and would absolutely love to be on the show again!
Liliana Klingman, Cafe Oscuro Films

“I have been fortunate to be a guest on Sports Palooza Radio with Lisa & EJ a few times now, and every visit has been fun and very worthwhile. Both hosts are intelligent, informed, and very sports savvy, making the show of value to anyone who is a sports fan. Be sure to tune in to Sports Palooza Radio for the latest sports scoop and hear what today’s sports leaders have to say!”
Dr. Chris (The Sports Doc) Stankovich,

“I had a lot of fun on Sports Palooza Radio. I was a little nervous doing only my second interview. But the hosts were very friendly, engaging and personable. They made me feel right at home talking about my NFL fantasy football book. I can tell they have a strong passion for sports.”
Damalis Bryant, author of NFL’s All-Time Dream Showdowns: Fantasy Matchups & Realistic Results

“I have had the good fortune to be the guest on a ton of sports radio shows to talk about legendary Coach John Wooden and my new memoir “Wooden & Me” about our friendship, but none have been more enjoyable than my conversation with Lisa and Ej. I say “conversation” because Ej and Lisa have a gift for turning an interview into a friendly conversation where they not only ask terrific questions — often delving questions other hosts never do, but then add their own thoughts and insights to take the interview/conversation to a more interesting and higher level.
As much as I enjoyed being on Sportspalooza, I love listening to other guests! Indeed, I have the site link saved on my laptop for easy and frequent use. I highly recommend you do likewise!
To paraphrase Coach Wooden, Lisa and Ej make each broadcast a masterpiece.
Woody Woodburn, author of Wooden and Me.

“I’ve been interviewed most of my adult life about football, wrestling, my agent work and law. You learn early on which Hosts just clock in and those that are actually into their jobs. The Sports Palooza team of Lisa “The Nooch” Iannucci and EJ “The Rainmaker” Garr are All Pros in their work. They interviewed me about my book, NFL Brawler, hitting on stories and small points that showed their amazing preparation. They made me feel great. Thank you.”
Ralph Cindrich, Super Agent and author of NFL Brawler.