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Today on Sports Palooza Radio, we bring you an interview with the author of the book Between the Pipes.
She comes on to discuss the effort it took to get the facts together that helped her form this admirable list of names of NHL goalies you may, or may not be familiar with.


Randi Druzin stops by to discuss the top 12 hockey goalies in NHL history from her perspective, with some honorable mentions of some top notch goalies over the years as well.

Today, we talk HOCKEY! Well specifically, the goalies. Some goalies are great and others are intriguing. But only a handful are both. In ‘Between the Pipes’, Randi Druzin profiles a dozen of these legendary netminders, honing in on the personality trait that makes each one unique and she stops by today to talk to us about them. With wit and verve, she paints vivid portraits of men such as Jacques Plante, who refused to stay at The Royal York Hotel in Toronto, and Dominik Hasek, who earned a university degree and mastered chess before making his NHL debut.

The book includes interesting information gleaned from decades-old periodicals and broadcasts as well as from interviews with the goalies themselves, their coaches, teammates, friends and family members. Randi Druzin is an author and journalist in Toronto, Canada. She has worked at several major media outlets including the National Post and the CBC, and has written for dozens of publications including The New York Times, Time magazine, ESPN The Magazine and The Globe and Mail.

She has covered four Olympics and interviewed dozens of world-class athletes, including triathlete Simon Whitfield, kayaker Adam van Koeverden and NHL stars Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews.

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